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Tsuro Pathways Game

Award Winning! You are in charge of your destiny if you follow the right path. Tsuro is an incrediblly beautiful tile laying game that teens and adults will love. It has an Asian spiritual theme - hence the "path." All you need to do to stay in the game is to stay on the board. Easier said than done because the path changes constantly. Players lay twisting path tiles and try not to get bumped off or reach the edge of the board. This gets harder as the board fills up with tiles. This is an easy-to-learn strategy game that is as beautiful as it is fun. Winner of Major Fun Award and Creative Toy's Game of the Year. Ages: 8+ Players: 2-8 Playing Time: 15-20 minutes Box contains: 1 Game Board 35 Path Tiles 1 Dragon Tile 8 Marker Stones Game Rules.