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Ugears Windstorm Dragon


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Teens and adults who love complex, detailed builds will enjoy the power of mastering this mechanical dragon! No glue, staples, or screws required, just patience and care to assemble this 320-piece build. The completed dragon has a winding key in its chest and an open-style design so you can see its mechanical heart (rubber-band motor) beating. When the motor starts, the dragon magically moves its arms, legs, body, and lightweight wings. Hobbyists will love that it comes with a wax stick to grease the gears, and wooden tools to help pop out the pieces. Once assembled, this magnificent dragon measures 20.9" x 19.1" x 11.4" and looks beautiful displayed on a bookshelf or hung from the ceiling.

From Ukidz, for ages 14+ yrs.

Watch the Video: